Market News

Saturday 28th of March

Spatial Distance, Not Social Distance

A wise friend passed this one on, and it’s a good one to remember. Stay socially connected even if you have to keep your spatial distance. Families and friends are toasting wine and eating meals together over Skype, we are lucky to live in a time where we can remain so in-touch using video calls just like the Jetsons said we would!

At the markets, the most important things to do right now are to stay spatially distanced from other shoppers, leave quickly and not linger, and to not handle the produce unless you are purchasing it. 

But when you get home, smother your apples with as much love as you like (after you have washed them and your hands of course), and why not try a Skype meal and enjoy it with someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with but didn’t get around to?

Our farmers are working hard to harvest, pick and carefully pack our fruit and veg for us and bring it safely to Kyilla this week. We have moved The Peoples Produce into a roomier spot to make it easier to keep an orderly line.




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