Market News

We have plenty on for breakfast, Miam Miam A Bite of France will be with us as well as Grilled to the Mac and Sweet Dreams Foods alongside our other weekly favourites. Juici Popup will be back this week too for your fresh juice fix.

Rosalie Pastured Eggs have been busy over the break and have their wonderful eggs ready for you, of course our weekly favourite tomatoes from Stakehill Hydroponics are always delicious and have become a family favourite for snacks and picnics. If you haven’t tried them yet they are must!

Ol Yella’s Stank Sauce is bringing yummy sauce and Lynne has her delicious frozen pies too, take some home for lunch or dinner this week, you won’t be disappointed! Speaking of taking things home..what will we take home from Louis Boeglin Patisserie? Always a tough choice there…

Hope to see you there!




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